Fittings production

The basic method for manufacturing of FLOWTITE fittings is by cutting pipe sections to size and connecting them with specially designed laminates, using multiaxial fabrics. Due to the huge amount of possible combinations of diameters, pressure classes, and stiffness classes, the design process has been computer automated, and the operator receives detailed drawings of each reinforcement layer and hand-laying instructions.

The reinforcement mats are cut and marked, either with an efficient automatic cutting machine, or using power tools. The mats are then laid according to their marking, generating a smooth and hydraulically effective laminate, while consistent quality is ensured, regardless of operator skills.

Fittings are also made with the woven roving and chopped strand mats. This is the more traditional way of fabricating fittings and has been the method used by FLOWTITE for decades.

Some FLOWTITE factories also make small diameter fittings on steel molds.