Research and Development

AMIANTIT Technology centre in Sandefjord, Norway is staffed by a team of dedicated, highly trained and experienced scientists, engineers and technicians. This expertise base is a significant resource for leverage of research and development initiatives to ensure a competitive advantage for FLOWTITE licensees, FLOWTITE pipe manufacturers and FLOWTITE pipe end-users. The AMIANTIT Technology centre in Norway is ISO 9001 certified.

AMIANTIT Technology centre also houses a pipe-testing laboratory. The testing laboratory is ISO 17025 certified and is accredited to perform long-and short-term pipe tests according to ISO, EN and ASTM standards. The ISO 17025 accredited status of the laboratory ensures excellence and competency in pipe testing, which benefits all research and development work in the key technologies of product, process, equipment and material for FLOWTITE GRP-pipes.

ISO 17025 accreditation is an assurance of the laboratory’s competency for performing GRP-pipe testing and assures quality testing in conformity assessment for FLOWTITE pipes. The accredited testing includes:

Long-term resistance to internal pressure (hydrostatic design basis)
Long-term ultimate bending strain and the long-term ultimate relative ring deflection under wet conditions
Determination of the long-term specific ring creep stiffness under wet conditions
Long-term resistance to chemical attack in a deflected condition
Test methods for leak tightness and resistance to damage of flexible joints
Determination of initial specific ring stiffness