Performance Standards

Consistently high quality standards are an important factor of our FLOWTITE pipe systems. All manufacturing sites are periodically certified by third parties and have official certification such as ISO 9001 and other international and national production standards.

Depending on the country, the pipe systems are approved according to performance standards acc. to AWWA, CEN, ASTM, DIN, BSI, ISO, TSE and many other international or local standards and certifications. The excerpt below will show a collection of most important ones:

■ AENOR – UNE 53323-EX

■ ASTM D3262 Gravity Sewer

■ ASTM D3517 Pressure Pipe

■ ASTM D3754 Pressure Sewer

■ AWWA C950 Fibreglass Pressure Pipe

■ AWWA M-45 Fibreglass Pipe Design Manual

■ BS 5480

■ DIN 16868

■ EN 14364 sewer

■ EN 1796 water

■ ISO 10467 drainage and sewergae

■ ISO 10639 water

Raw materials are delivered with vendor certification demonstrating their compliance with FLOWTITE quality requirements. In addition, all raw materials are qualified and tested prior to their use. These tests ensure that the pipe materials comply with the specifications as stated. Raw materials should, according to FLOWTITE quality requirements, be pre-qualified in such a way that their suitability to be used in the process and in the final product is demonstrated by its long term performance.

During pipe system production, frequent checks are made on the flow of raw materials, machine speed and winder adjustments. Design and laminate specification of each pipe and module is permanently controlled to meet the requirements and standards of the customer’s specifications.

The manufactured pipes´ circumferential (hoop) and axial load capacities are also verified by testing. Pipe stiffness and deflection test are also carried out. All these tests are done on a routine basis according to the FLOWTITE quality manual. In addition, pipe construction and composition are confirmed.

After production we also feel committed to high quality standards and therefore ensure that all pipes with a pressure greater than PN1 are 100% pressure tested to twice their nominal pressure. We also feel obliged to demonstrate compliance with the requested standards’ minimum performance requirements. In the case of GRP-pipes, these minimum performance requirements are split into both short-term and long-term requirements. FLOWTITE pipes and coupling systems have been rigorously tested to verify conformance to those standards. The most important ones, and generally specified at the same level of performance in all the previously defined standards, are:

■ Long term characteristics

■ Strain corrosion capability

■ Hydrostatic Design Basis – HDB

■ Long term ring bending

■ Long term stiffness – material creep

■ Joint testing

In that respect, FLOWTITE GRP-pipes systems are constantly checked and subject to a number of tests, which have been successfully passed for many years.

Quality tests in regards to mechanical properties and pipe behavior of FLOWTITE GRP-pipes are also regular routine. The main focus of these tests is targeted on:

■ Deflection under load

■ Buoyancy

■ Pressure testing

■ Surge and Water hammer

■ Load capacity values

■ Flow velocity

■ UV resistance

■ Poisson´s ratio

■ Temperature resistance

■ Thermal coefficient

■ Flow coefficient / Liquid flow

■ Abrasion resistance

■ External Collapse pressure

■ Hydraulics

Periodical, standardised test routines executed in the local manufacturing sites as well as in the Research & Development centres in Norway and KSA, guarantee high common standards world-wide in the production of FLOWTITE pipe systems with constant, reproducible mechanical, chemical and physical properties.