Pipe laminate

Using advanced technology for material placement, a very compressed laminate is created that maximises the contribution from the basic raw materials, continuous glass-fibres, chopped glass, and resin. The continuous glass-fibres provide supreme strength to resist the hoop stresses from internal pressure, while the chopped fibres provide excellent resistance to axial stresses, impact, and other loads. The laminate is of a sandwich construction, with heavily reinforced skins, separated by reinforced core supplemented with specially selected silica for optimum performance. This construction provides increased stiffness by adding extra thickness, placed near the neutral axis in the core.

With a dual resin delivery system, the equipment has the capability of applying a special inner resin liner for severely corrosive applications while utilising a standard type resin for the structural and outer portion of the laminate. Taking advantage of the winding process, other materials such as a glass veil or a polyester veil can be used to enhance the abrasion, the chemical resistance and the finishing of the pipe.