An important piping system component in the longevity of FLOWTITE pipes in service is the rubber pipe seal, or gasket, between pipes. AMIANTIT Technology specifies that only FLOWTITE approved gaskets may be used with FLOWTITE pipes. The gasket rubber is carefully tested in accordance to rubber performance guidelines in international standards (ASTM F477, EN 681-1 and ISO 4633) and also where appropriate, other national standards. Rubber performance is proven to meet the requirements in these standards by testing at a third party laboratory in addition to testing in the technology centres within AMIANTIT. Additionally, stringent gasket testing is undertaken at all factories to ensure dimension compliance to AMIANTIT Technology specifications for gaskets for FLOWTITE pipes.

AMIANTIT Technology has extensive rubber test facilities at the laboratory in Norway to ensure pipe seal quality. This equipment coupled with in-house competence and a synergy with our sister company, AMIANTIT Rubber Industries limited (ARIL) in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, ensures the best possible performance in gasket sealing technology.