Material qualification

The suitability of raw materials for use in FLOWTITE pressure pipes are carefully considered with reference to international standards and guidelines, as well as to internal procedures in AMIANTIT Technology. All raw material selections are evaluated in order to ensure that pipe performance, long term and short term, is assured. For FLOWTITE pressure pipes in water conveyance systems, the defining standards for raw material choice and changes are EN 1796, ISO 10639, ASTM D3517, AWWA C950 and their referenced standards. For FLOWTITE pipes in sewerage conveyance systems, the defining standards are EN14364, ISO 10467, ASTM D3262 and D3754. CEN/TS 14632 is also used for the assessment of conformity for pipes for raw material selection in addition to guidelines in ASTM standards.

Raw materials are tested using a combination of short term testing in production and laboratory environments, as well as long-term testing extending over many months, even years, in industry-accepted, elevated testing regimes to prove lifetime of the materials. Only once materials are proven to perform well in all tests, may the material be permitted for use in a FLOWTITE pipe.