Material selection
FLOWTITE pipes are manufactured from several raw materials in a controlled manufacturing process to ensure excellent pipe product quality. Materials in a FLOWTITE pipe are resistant to the environments in which the pipes operate. Longevity of the pipe and piping system components are ensured by careful and appropriate pipe design and raw material selection and usage.

FLOWTITE gravity, pressure and sewer pipes are glass reinforced plastic (GRP) composite pipes manufactured from three primary raw materials: glass fibre reinforcements, thermosetting resins and silica sand. The choice of raw material types and qualities is dependent on in-service operating conditions for the pipes and fittings. A thorough consideration of operating temperature, design temperature, pressure class, media to be transported, and ground soil condition is pertinent for final material choice.

The three primary raw materials:

Glass fibres provide strength to FLOWTITE pipes. Glass fibres have been used in composite applications for more than forty years and are well proven to perform in water and environments offering lightweight, corrosion resistant pipes for water and sewage transmission applications. Amiantit Technology has over thirty years’ experience of pipe testing with glass fibres in GRP-pipes – an experience-base second to none.

Thermosetting resins provide the pipe with structural integrity and ensure that the strengthening performance of glass fibres is maximised. Thermosetting resins are liquid materials which are transformed in the pipe manufacturing process to solid, durable plastics. There are three typical thermosetting resins used in glass-reinforced pipes – unsaturated polyesters, vinyl esters and epoxy. The selection of resin is dependent on the pipe application.

Silica sand (quartz sand) is used in FLOWTITE pipes to impart stiffness to the pipe. The need for stiffness in the pipes is dependent on conditions in pipe installation. Silica sand content is controlled to balance pipe properties most effectively.