Joint technology

All joints have to be tested and qualified according to the relevant standards to ensure their performance in service. FLOWTITE Technology has conducted elaborate testing programs on both flexible joints, locked joints, butt-wrap laminates, flanges and other joining systems—each for their intended operation, i.e. with or without end-thrust.

The double bell FLOWTITE coupling for pipe systems without end-thrust is by far the most widely used joint. This joint has been tested to the most severe requirements, for small and large diameters and low and high pressure class. The largest joint tested is the DN2000 PN25, while the joint test for the highest pressure class was the DN800 PN32, which was kept at a sustained pressure of 96 bar (3xPN) for extended time period. In all cases the joint has performed exceptionally, both in straight alignment, with maximum angular rotation, differential shear loading, cyclic, and vacuum, exceeding the requirements of all relevant standards. The joint has also performed well under perpetual outside pressure testing.

Test reports can be found here.