Tapping Sleeves

Tapping is the process of connecting a branch to an existing pipeline. Care must be taken to ensure that a good seal is accomplished on the pipeline and that no damage is done to the pipe or tapping sleeve. Flexible stainless steel tapping sleeves have been proven to be the best suited for FLOWTITE GRP-pipes. The tapped assembly shall be able to resist a pressure of 2 x PN without leakage or damage to the pipe. It is essential that the bolt torque is high to prevent leakage, but not too high as that might damage the pipe. It should be noted that the tapping sleeve manufacturer’s recommended bolt torque values may be too high for GRP-pipes. High stiffness, cast iron tapping sleeves have been found to cause too high strain on a GRP pipe and their use should be avoided.

Tapping machines can be either manual or power driven and must be able to resist the internal pressure in the pipe if a “hot” tap is to be performed. Forward feed should not exceed 0.5 mm per revolution in order to avoid damage to the pipe. The cutter can be either steel or diamond coated and should have small, closely spaced teeth. Please consult the FLOWTITE pipe suppliers for detailed instructions and recommended brands of tapping sleeves.