Features and benefits

FLOWTITE Technology delivers low cost, long-term piping solutions to customers around the world. The long list of features and benefits provides optimal installment and life cycle cost system.

Long, effective service life
No need for linings, coatings, cathodic protection, wraps or other forms of corrosion protection
Low maintenance costs
  Hydraulic characteristics essentially constant over time

Light weight Low transport cost
  Eliminates need for expensive pipe handling equipment

Smooth bore Low friction loss
  Eliminates need for expensive pipe handling equipment
  Lower operating costs
  Minimum slime build-up lowers cleaning costs

Dependable operation High safety factors – superior reserve strength
  Surge allowance above nominal pressure class
  High long-term stiffness – little creep
  Low wave celerity – reduced stress during surge

Wide range of Diameters from 100 mm to 4000 m
products Standard pressure classes from 1 to 32 bar
  Stiffness classes as needed

Flexible manufacturing
Custom diameters can be manufactured to provide maximum flow volumes

Flexible coupling with elastomeric REKA Self-activating seal – excellent sealing at low pressures—outstanding at high pressures
gaskets Easy to join, reducing installation time
  Accommodates changes in line direction without elbows

Long standard lengths,
12 m

Fewer joints reduce installation time and cost

Accessories Optimised design of fittings for high and low pressures
  Fittings to fit most applications:
    Tees, Wyes, reducers, flanges, etc.

Standardised products Meets requirements of all relevant ISO, EN, ASTM, and AWWA standards

History Over 40 years of history, with thousands of kilometers of pipes installed every year