Pipe dimensions

FLOWTITE pipe dimensions are outer-diameter controlled. In general the specifications in ISO 10639 and ISO 10467 (corresponding to EN 1796 and EN 14364) are followed for diameters larger than DN500, but in some countries, such as Australia, USA, and Brazil, local standards and practices apply. Thicknesses and weights vary with pressure classes and stiffness classes; higher pressure classes yield lower thickness for a given stiffness class; higher stiffness classes yield thicker and heavier pipe for a given pressure class. – Please contact your local APS supplier or FLOWTITE pipe manufacturer for details.

Couplings dimensions
The FLOWTITE double-bell pressure couplings have gasket grooves for the elastomeric sealing gasket, which seal against the pipe spigots on each side. The dimensions of the gaskets and hence the width and depth of the groove, as well as the width of the coupling, vary with diameter. The thickness of the coupling varies with pressure class, but is independent on stiffness class. – Please contact your local APS representative or FLOWTITE pipe supplier for details.