Calculations and tools

With the software supplied free of charge, FLOWTITE allows to perform calculations independently. AMITOOLS therefore comprise 2 independent modules, which make it possible, firstly, to carry out independent static calculations for belowground pipes (AMISTAT), and secondly, to calculate the hydraulic properties of GRP-piping networks (AMIFLOW) in comparison to alternative pipe materials in terms of balance of services (pressure loss, pump output and energy production).

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Form: Belowground pipes, calculation in accordance with ATV-DVWK-A 127 (.doc 1.2 MB)

AMITOOLS is an AMIANTIT online service offering software tools for static calculation of buried pipes and hydraulic calculation. The software tools, exclusively developed for AMIANTIT GRP-pipe systems, offer the following main features:

■ Free of charge.
■ No software installation on your local PC necessary.
■ Available in several languages.
■ Metric or imperial dimensions.
■ Calculation of pipe systems in standard diameter range.
■ Static calculation according to German (ATV).
■ American (AWWA) and Fascicule70 standards.
■ Laying conditions available as scaled sketch.
■ Results are delivered as abbreviated version or as full report.
■ Some calculation can be submitted online to your local AMIANTIT sales office for quotation purposes.