The versatility of FLOWTITE products yields higher performance at lower cost, for multiple applications.

Light-weight, corrosion-resistant and manufactured under strict quality standards, Flowtite pipe is available in all standardised pressure classes and stiffness classes. Diameters from DN 100 – DN 4000 can be supplied and lengths up to 12 m.

Growing awareness of the operational cost savings and superior corrosion resistance offered by fiberglass-reinforced pipes by FLOWTITE, operations has resulted in widespread use for the following applications:

■ Water transmission and distribution (potable and raw water)
■ Sanitary sewerage collection systems and outfalls (direct bury and sliplining)
■ Storm sewers
■ Hydroelectric penstock lines
■ Seawater intake and outfalls
■ Circulating cooling water, make-up and blowdown lines for power plants
■ Industrial applications