A worldwide success

FLOWTITE GRP-pipe systems have been in the market since 1965. The pipes have been used in many projects around the globe, on all five continents. Over the years, more than 60,000 kilometers of pipes have been laid, accumulating to one and half times around the globe.

FLOWTITE GRP-pipes are a result of intensive in-house research and development. Today, the company is among the leaders in GRP product- and technology development worldwide.

The history of FLOWTITE Technology dates back to 1929 when Vera Fabrikker in Sandefjord, Norway, was established. The adventure begun in 1965 when Jotun AS decided to start making GRP-pipes and tanks. The manufacturing method was based on company owned technology, and Vera Fabrikker, at that time a Jotun subsidiary, was put in charge of the production.

In 1968, Vera Fabrikker supplied the first pipes to customers. Since then, the demand for GRP-pipes increased constantly worldwide. The pipes are being used in several industries such as hydropower plants, industrial purposes, as well as in water and wastewater applications. The pipes are produced in dimensions varying from 100 millimeter to 4,000 millimeters.

The company Veroc Technology AS was established in 1977. It was a joint venture between Vera Fabrikker and Owens Corning , USA. This company was responsible for developing GRP-pipes and tanks, as well as selling, manufacturing and installing production equipment for licensed factories all over the world.

Vera Fabrikker and Veroc Technology were both bought by Owens Corning in 1993. Both companies continued operating as Owens Corning Pipe & Tank AS and Owens Corning Pipe Technology AS. In 1998 the two companies had their names changed to FLOWTITE Pipe & Tank AS and FLOWTITE Technology AS.

In 2001, Owens Corning sold its entire international pipe division to the Saudi Arabian AMIANTIT Company (SAAC). Shortly afterwards, in 2002, Amiantit decided to focus on the development and production of GRP-pipes and sold the group’s tank operations.

In 2003, AMIANTIT decided to discontinue production of GRP-pipes in Sandefjord and closed the manufacturing plant. The technology business was retained and continued, with an R&D center for all the production facilities in the group, and a technical department responsible for installing new production facilities abroad, under the name FLOWTITE Technology AS.

Today, FLOWTITE Technology has a leading role in developing and establishing GRP-pipes. The company has two technology centers, one in Norway and one in Saudi Arabia, that take care of joint ventures and licensees in 18 countries. At present, FLOWTITE Technology has established more than 70 plants or production lines producing FLOWTITE GRP-pipes.


■1929 Vera Fabrikker established
■1964 Started GRP activities
■1968 Produced the first GRP-pipes and tanks
■1970 First GRP technology contract to Japan
■1971 Owens Corning USA buys GRP technology
■1977 Veroc Technology established 50/50 between Vera and Owens Corning for sale of technology.
■1988 Owens Corning takes over VEROC Technology 90%
■1993 Owens Corning takes over VEROC Technology 100%
■1998 Name changed to FLOWTITE Technology
■2001 AMIANTIT group acquires FLOWTITE Technology.
■2006 FLOWTITE Technology establishes main office in Norway
■2012 A new technology center is established in Damman, Saudi Arabia